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Hoya, commonly known by the names Wax Plant, Wax Vine, Waxflower, or simply Hoya, is a genus of tropical plants in the Apocynaceae family.  

Hoya Kerrii Reverse ExLarge


Hoya Imperialis


Hoya Kerrii Hearts Variegated


Hoya Hindu Rope small sit in coconut husk


Hoya Sunrise Vine (32 inches long)


Hoya Hidu Rope Variegated Large Pot Lg


Hoya Villosa


Hoya Siariae Red


Hoya Globbulosa


Hoya Obovata Variegated


Hoya sunrise small


Hoya Rotundiflora (Rooted Cutting)


Hoya Patricia (Rooted Cutting)


Hoya Patella Pink


Hoya Philippine



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