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Philodendron Billietia variegated X-Large 3 leafers

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Philodendron Billietia variegated X-Large 3 leafers

3 leaves plus new shoot

27” long leaves 

Philodendron Billietia variegated is a stunning cultivar of the Philodendron genus known for its striking foliage. This tropical plant features large, heart-shaped leaves with a glossy texture and prominent variegation. The variegation typically consists of creamy-white or yellowish patterns that contrast beautifully against the deep green backdrop of the leaves, creating an eye-catching display.

This Philodendron variety is a vining plant, meaning it will naturally trail or climb if given adequate support. Thriving in warm and humid conditions. With proper care, including bright, indirect light, regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, and occasional fertilization during the growing season, Philodendron Billietia variegated can grow vigorously and develop lush foliage.

Leaves size 20 by 6

height 27” tall 

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